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Tina’s an ex-cheerleader and it shows in her bubbly personality. We’ve known her a while and have never seen her get upset. She’s very giving of herself and loves to have a good time. She’s been known to have some flighty moments but that just makes her more charming. She’s a good girl that’s been brought up with family values.
She may have family values, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to let her hair down and have a good time. She’s the girl that’s always going to get the rowdiest and that can mean good things for you. Even if you’re a little new to the idea of going out with a Chicago escort, she’s going to make you feel instantly comfortable because of her ability to make every situation light and care free.
Her body is what dreams are made of. She’s got the greatest curves you’ve ever seen and long after you see her, the curves will be memorized in your mind. You will want to touch every inch of her and if you show her a good time, there may be some rewards for you by the end of the night.
Everyone has their own taste in women and when you want a southern girl with style, she’s a girl that you will want in your company. Whether you want to take her out for the day, the night, or longer, she can be at your side in a moment’s notice after you place the call.
“It’s time to start living out your fantasies. I’m a real girl with real needs and I’m hoping we can have some fun together.”

State : Illinois
City : Chicago
Area : Mid-City
Age : 24
Body : Slim
Eyes : Hazel
Height : 5′ 5″
Hair : Blonde
Bust : B