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Hey Guys! Meet Stacy. Stacy is one of our more dominant girls. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it. That’s what keeps her clients coming back for more and more. She can tell you what she wants and then she’ll listen to what you want as well – as long as you can handle her sass in the process.

With impressive curves and a smile that will light up the room, this is a girl who is going to get noticed. When you want to make sure you can make an entrance to the room, you want this pretty little thing on your arm. She’s a gorgeous girl that loves fitness and it shows in her muscular body that she’s always eager to show off.

Don’t judge a book by its cover because she may look all cute and shy, but she’s far from it. When you want a submissive, don’t expect this hottie to bow down to your every command. She wants to be in control and once you see what she has in mind, you won’t want to argue with her.

“I love an adventure, a night with me will be adventure, can you handle it? You will remember my name long after I am gone and you will crave my touch. Do you think you can survive that?”

State : Illinois
City : Chicago
Area : Downtown
Age : 35
Body : Curvy
Eyes : Green
Height : 5′ 8″
Hair : Brunette
Bust : D