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Karen is one of our newest girls, but don’t assume that she’s not experienced in the ways of the world. She looks innocent, but she’s far from it. It’s an act that she likes to put on so that she can make a sneak attack and shock someone with just how forward she can be. Whether it’s on a date or in the bedroom, she tells it like it is and demands attention.
With a beautiful body and sensuous curves, you will have no problem giving her your undivided attention – and every other warm-blooded male in the place may give her their attention, too. It’s hard not to go gaga over this girl because she is simply amazing. She has a bubbly personality and is very open-minded about life.
Karen is a “look at me” girl and that means that she’s going to wear anything that shows off her cleavage and her long legs. She wants people to look at her and when you are with her, it’s going to turn heads, so be prepared. When you want a girl that’s going to get you noticed and ensure you have fun for the night, she’s the girl that you want to call.
“I’m always eager to try new things and my passion is what drives me to do all that I want to do, so be prepared to have some fun when you go out with me!”

State : Illinois
City : Chicago
Area : Wrigleyville
Age : 22
Body : Slim
Eyes : Brown
Height : 5′ 2″
Hair : Black
Bust : B