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Jess is one of our most athletic girls. She loves to run and play sports. There’s nothing she loves more than sitting around in a men’s jersey (and nothing else) to watch a baseball or football game. She’s happy to go to a game and root for her favorite team or stay in and spend some time with her man.
She’s bi-curious and if you’re curious as to what that means, then you definitely want to meet up with Jess to let her introduce you to her world. She loves to play and that can be taken in all sorts of ways. She doesn’t take herself seriously and has a great sense of humor, so when you want to laugh and be turned on all at the same time, Jess is going to be the girl for you.
If you have never had an escort in your company before, Jess can be ideal to ease you into all of the possibilities. She’s open-minded and is always eager to try new things and meet new people. If you tell her that you want to do something, she’s willing to try it once just to make you happy. She also cleans up nice, making it easy to take her to a friend’s wedding, a business event, or anywhere else that your social calendar may take you.
“Boys, you’re in for a treat when we go out on the town. I can’t keep my hands to myself, but I’ve never heard anyone complain!”

State : Illinois
City : Chicago
Area : Downtown
Age : 30
Body : Slim
Eyes : Blue
Height : 5′ 3″
Hair : Brunette
Bust : B