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Amy is kind of new to all of this. That shouldn’t scare you away, however. She promises she is in no way new to the way of the world. She loves life and adventure and can show you many adventures, some you may never want to return from. She has traveled extensively and that can be a great conversation starter for the two of you to break the ice and move into more exciting things that the evening can hold.

She is very passion driven and enjoys trying new things. She finds this whole side of life very alluring, captivating, and exotic. So many things one can learn and so many things one can teach. Just the only thing holding a person back is themselves of course, and the hours in the night.

Amy craves the attention of others and loves to spend time in the company of both men and women. She is curvy in all of the right places and absolutely loves to be a tease. She’s a girl next door that has some sass to her and you won’t be able to get enough. Photos don’t do this girl enough justice! You will simply have to see her in person to understand just how gorgeous she is. She’s a flirt through and through and that’s just the kind of girl that you need in life.

“I will have you remember each new adventure you partake on with this me, so let’s start on them right away.”

State : Illinois
City : Chicago
Area : Downtown
Age : 32
Body : Curvy
Eyes : Blue
Height : 5′ 3″
Hair : Brunette
Bust : DD