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Have you considered spending time with an escort? You may not ever have considered it. Possibly you have some outmoded ideas about what it means to go out with a beautiful, professional escort. You may be thinking that it’s some kind of come-down or surrender to “pay for it.” Your male pride may say, “I don’t need to pay for the company of a woman. I can get women on my own.” Well, it’s a fact that you can get a woman. Any man who puts the time and effort in can get a woman, although this begs the question: What else could you be spending your time on? What other things could you be doing with all that time you’re spending trying to attract a woman to date you? Are you enjoying all that time you are spending working toward that goal? We think dating should be fun, but it’s a fact that just working toward wooing a woman can be a lot of effort, a lot of work, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that most men don’t find enjoyable. Is that really how you want to spend what precious little time you have? And is it cost effective and time efficient for you to do so?

The sad fact is that traditional dating is a very inefficient process that is not at all cost effective. Just the number of hours you spend at it is wasting your resources, if you look at it from at time benefit perspective. You go to those bars, you hang around listening to terrible music, and you wait. You try to approach women. Maybe you even employ some of the strategies you’ve been told by “pick up artists” are supposed to work in your favor. You spend a lot of money on drinks and other things like cover charges, just hoping to get the attention of some of these women. And that, like fishing, is sort of the deal. You hook them, and then you have to see if you can reel them in. You try to persuade them to keep talking to you and maybe even go out on future dates with you. And the whole time you’re out on future dates with them, what are you trying to do? You’re trying to impress them enough that they’ll let you take them out on… another date.

It’s not much of a system, is it? It actually seems like it’s tailor-made to leave you frustrated, to waste your time, and to disappoint you, not to mention wasting a lot of your money along the way. You might try to break out of this mold by going the Internet dating route, but that’s actually not a lot better. Sure, you don’t go out to as many bars and clubs in the early part of the dating stages, but you still waste a ton of time. You have to fill out dating profiles and comb through piles of ugly women who nobody wants. That’s what Internet dating really is, after all. It’s a place for unattractive women to go because they haven’t been able to find anyone else out in the real world. Most women can find a man without trying to hard because all they really have to do is say yes. So when you sign up for one of those sites you are basically settling for the losers, the dregs that nobody wanted.

When you pay out money for your account and spend all the time it takes to sign up, you’ve also got to deal with the recurring charges of these dating sites, which are set up to bilk you out of your money, not find you somebody. Think about it. If they hooked people up right away with relationships, there would be no reason for those people to keep the dating site membership, and therefore no reason to pay monthly membership fees, would there? Some of the less reputable sites will even try to trick you to keep you paying money. They’ll lock you out of your own membership messages to keep you paying a premium to access these, they’ll send you fake chats or fake messages to entice you to buy memberships so you can see them, and they’ll even use algorithms to simulate female members sometimes. That happened with a major online “affair” site once, in fact, where most of the female members were found to be made up to keep the unsuspecting male members paying for memberships. It’s a guarantee that most of the people on that site never really met anyone worth having a relationship or even a casual hookup with.

What you need is someone who will actually treat you with respect. You’re not going to find that while you are trying to get noticed in the flood of messages the typical woman gets on a dating site if she is attractive at all. But let’s talk about that for a minute. Do you want to try and get the attention of the few women on Internet dating sites who are actually attractive… or do you want to settle for one of the ugly ones? Don’t you think you deserve better than settling for someone who is not attractive? You deserve better. You want to be seen with an attractive woman when you’re out on the town. You want to impress people, not bring them down or make yourself look worse.

That is why Internet dating, and traditional dating overall, fails when it compares to going out on the town with a beautiful, professional escort. Our girls are all professional entertainers who not only know how to treat you well, but who are all sexy and attractive. They will impress anyone who sees you with them. Book one of our beautiful young ladies today and you won’t have to settle for less. You can get the notice, and the respect, that you deserve. Do it with our escorts. Contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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