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Our Escorts Focus On You Entirely

When was the last time you actually enjoyed a night out with a lovely young woman? We don’t mean when was the last time you dated. We mean, when was the last time it was actually FUN? The problem with dating in the modern world is that it’s built on an outdated model of how things should be done. That model of old-fashioned, traditional dating has always been something that works in favor of women and works against men: It expects them to take on all the stress, all the anxiety, and all the hard work of the dating game, while placing none of these on the woman. She is placed on a pedestal and can walk away at any time with no loss of time, money, or effort. She gets to say yes or no and to give the go-ahead (or the refusal) to any man who is interested in her. He has absolutely now power in the interaction; he can only do what he can to attract and persuade her. It is up to her to agree to his advances, to signal him to keep those advances coming, and to allow him the great honor and privilege, as she sees it, of lavishing on her his time, his money, and his attention.

The average man knows that when it comes to this old-fashioned dating game, the focus is never on him and never on what he wants or needs. The focus is always on the woman... and he is taught them from childhood. He is told that it is simply the naturally order of things for a man to “court” a woman and to put her needs and wants first. But there’s a distinct problem with this, and that is that it reduces the act of dating and seeking female companionship to an ordeal that is never enjoyable for the man. From the woman’s perspective, someone who is interested in her is expected to put forth the effort because she is basically doing him a favor by entertaining his offer. This puts all the power on the woman and leaves the man at a distinct disadvantage. He must resign himself, in the context of traditional dating, to always being put second. His needs are never considered. His wants are never entertained. If he does date a woman, he must contend with her short attention span the entire time. She could be texting on her phone, she could meet other friends while out and end up wandering off, she could get a better offer and abandon the date entirely, and she could get one of those dreaded “emergency calls” from a friend so she can bail out of your time together. You, the man, are just expected to resign yourself to things working this way, and if you’re not okay with all the time and effort and money you might waste as part of that process, well... that’s just too bad. You are expected to cope with it, and if you have a problem, that is your problem alone.

But what if you could chance all that? What if, by hiring a beautiful and professional Chicago escort, you could finally change all that? What if you could finally be the focus of your date’s attention for a change? What if your needs, your wants, and what you are looking to get out of the date are what is truly important? If you could finally be the focus for a change, wouldn’t you enjoy that? And wouldn’t the reduction in stress, pressure, and anxiety finally make it possible for you to enjoy going out on a date with someone again? When you hire a professional entertainer through us, you are getting the time and attention, the one hundred percent personal focus, of a beautiful woman whose job is to put you first. Imagine how much more enjoyable it will be to go out on a date, and enjoy private time with a woman, when you don’t have to worry about her being distracted or otherwise losing interest in you. You don’t have to compete for her attention. You don’t have to try and persuade her to let you take her out again. If you enjoy her company and you want to book her again, you can, as simple as that. And if you want to enjoy the company of a different lovely young lady every night, if you want variety, you can have that, too, and as simply, conveniently, and efficiently as booking the young lady of your dreams, selected from our website.

Book one of our lovely Chicago escorts today and you can finally enjoy what it feels like to be the focus of your time with a beautiful woman. She will give you one hundred percent of her undivided attention for the duration of your booking. It’s as simple as going through our profile pages to find the young woman who most excites you. If you don’t see what you want, exactly, or you have something else in mind, just let us know. If the young woman you do see is already booked, we’ll work that out for you too. We have access to an extended network of professional entertainers in the Chicago area, and we’ll find you a young lady who we think you’ll really respond to. Once the your selection is made, we’ll work with you to establish a location that mutually acceptable for both of you to meet. Then it’s just a matter of you enjoying your time with your new young lady friend. Whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you... and limited only by your imagination (and hers). What’s important, though, is that you’ll finally be the focus. What you want, and what you need, will be put first. We think you’ll find this experience is far superior to any romantic adventure you’ve had before. And it all starts when you contact us!

The Escort Experience Is Far Superior to Internet Dating

Have you considered trying to find a young woman to date on the Internet? What you may not realize is that there’s nothing modern or new about Internet dating. Yes, the way you find a woman is different, in that before the Internet was widely used to connect singles, you had to do things the old-fashioned and slow, difficult way. But that traditional model of dating was no better than “modern” Internet dating... because modern dating isn’t anything but the old way of dating grafted on to an app or a website. Is that really what you want? Or would you like a truly different, better alternative to the hard way of dating and trying to meet people? Let’s talk a little bit about just what is wrong with the old model of traditional dating, and then we’ll explain why Internet dating isn’t just the same old thing, but also has its own problems that make it no better.

What is the purpose of dating? What is the end goal of the process of dating? It is to help you find a woman for either a one night stand, a short-term relationship, or a long-term relationship. Sure, some people will tell you they engage in dating, or have signed up for an online dating service, because they are looking for “friends,” but we all know that’s not really true. These people either don’t have much self-esteem and are setting their goals super low, or they simply don’t want to admit that what they’re really looking for is a romantic connection. There are any number of reasons for this, but the fact is, if your dating process doesn’t result in you finding someone, that process was a waste of time, right? Well, the old-fashioned way of going out and finding someone was a tremendous waste of both time and money. You had to go out to bars and clubs and kind of hang around. This took a lot of time and you spent an awful lot of your time just waiting to meet someone who might potentially be interesting to talk to. So it was a waiting game, in that you could only just hang around hoping that someone would happen along. But once you did spot someone, you then had to try to get their attention, and that isn’t easy to do in a crowded bar or club setting.

So now you’re competing for a woman’s attention in a crowded bar or club. There are any number of other men who are also trying to get her attention. You waste a ton of money buying drinks for women in an attempt to break the ice, and you waste even more potential hours of time and money while you’re in that bar or club, not doing anything else that forwards your life goals in any way. When you’re done spending night after night in that time-wasting, unpleasant setting, competing with other horny guys for the attention of the limited number of attractive women available. Does any of that sound like fun? Does it sound likely to result in you getting any farther along in your goal of securing attractive female companionship? But let’s say you do get a phone number. All that time, all that invested effort, and you finally have the number of a woman who is willing to talk to you. Now what happens? Well, now you embark on the next phase of the dating game, which is every bit as much a waste of time. You see, now you have to go back and forth with her in text messages, trying to convince her to go out on a date with you. This could go on for quite some time of missed connections, misinterpreted or cryptic statements, and her changing her mind or canceling on you at the last minute. When you do finally go out on a date with her, it’s not like you’re going to have fun, either. Now your job is to impress her and do everything possible to entertain her and get her to let you go out with her again. If you say anything that offends her, your chances will be done and you’ll have lost all that time and effort and money you’ve laid out up to this point. If you hold an opinion she doesn’t like, she could walk away, or just never go out on another date with you. And the whole time she does go out on dates with you, she could be deciding there is some quality about you that she just can’t “get over.” Maybe you’re too short. Maybe you’re too fat. Maybe she just doesn’t think you’re her type, or she’s just not attracted to you. Either way, when you do the traditional dating thing, you’re going to end up abandoned and left high and dry at some point. Women pull that stunt with guys who are trying to date them all the time.

Now let’s look at what you have to do with Internet dating to get to that point. You have a larger selection of women to choose from, sure, but that means there is a disproportionately larger number of men to compete with, too. There are always many more men on an Internet dating site than there are women. In large part this is because women simply don’t usually need Internet dating. Any reasonably appealing woman can find a man in her real life who is willing to go out with her. Only the real losers have to go to Internet dating, and that means any woman you meet on an Internet dating site is either going to be unattractive, a slut, someone who has mental problems, or some combination of all of the above. You just never know what you’re getting. It’s like dialing a phone number at random and trying to chat up whoever answers. And of course there is always the possibility, on Internet dating sites, of being “catfished,” wherein the girl you are talking to isn’t a girl at all, but some guy who gets off on fooling men into believing they are talking to a willing woman. There are just many ways that Internet dating can go wrong right from the outset.

After paying outrageous monthly membership fees, or even buying credits to be able to read your messages and chats and flirts, you’ll have to try and strike up a conversation with the few women on the site who seem worth talking to. Hoping that they are real women, not crazy, and not already involved with someone, you then send them messages. But there’s another problem: Any woman on an Internet dating site who is reasonably good looking, and even the ones who are not, get swamped with countless messages every day from horny guys looking to meet someone. Because they are usually overwhelmed with messages, in many cases you won’t even hear back from them. And if you do hear back from then, then weeks of pointless small talk will probably be the result. Will all that rejection, all that wasted time, and all that effort eventually be rewarded by actually producing a date with the young lady in question? It might... eventually. But there’s no telling how many weeks or months of grinding effort and irritation will be required to get to that point.

Does Internet dating even work? After all, if it worked the way it says it does, logic says the websites wouldn’t stay open for very long. After the potential pool of singles were all successfully matched with partners, wouldn’t the average site have nothing to contribute? Yet they do stay open, and more of them open every day. That tells us that the majority of people turning to Internet dating in an effort to find someone don’t actually find anyone. At least, they don’t find someone on a permanent basis. Now granted, there are some “dating” sites whose goal is not to produce lasting relationships, and you could be in the market for one of those. A hookup site or app just helps you find people to be romantic with on a quick, casual basis. But do you really have any idea what you are getting when you hook up with a stranger like that through one of those sites are apps? The chances you could get someone who is crazy, or who has a disease, or who even wants to rob or hurt you, is actually pretty great with something like that. Is that really a risk you are willing to take?

What if you could skip all of this and actually just go out with a beautiful woman when and where and for how long you wanted? That’s the difference. With Chicago escorts, you can have that just by contacting us. There is no hassle and there is no risk. It is far better than the hassle of Internet dating.

Escorts Who Are Thoroughly Screened For You

The thing about trying to find someone the hard way, by doing it all yourself, is that you just never know what you are getting. Sure, you might get lucky and meet a woman who is everything you are looking for, whether that’s something casual, for the short term, or something a lot more committed, for the long term. But for every person who gets lucky and has a dating success story to tell, there are many, many more people who have dating horror stories to tell. All you have to do is bring the subject up online and you’ll be awash in comments from people who have been on awful dates and experienced some of the most horrific and terrible surprises you could ever want to have while trying to meet someone. So the odds are already against you when you try to do things on your own. Chances are much greater, statistically, that you’ll end up with a horror story to add to your collection of anecdotes, rather than a great date that actually is fun and exciting and produces happy memories for you. But a lot of people are determined to do things the hard way, so they try the old-fashioned dating game, with predictably frustrating results. Then there are the people who reach out through the Internet or even through local classified ads in an attempt to find amateur or semi-professional company to address their needs. This is the worst of all possible worlds, because now you’re not even dealing with “real” people. You’re dealing with those who might have aspirations of becoming professional entertainers, or you’re dealing with the public at large, but in both cases, you have no idea what you’re going to get.

Trawling through the Backpage, or Craigslist, or some other dating site or classified site hoping to meet someone at random, especially someone who is only playing at being a professional entertainer, is the wrong way to go about finding someone. It’s a mistake that’s tailor-made to introduce to your life people and situations you absolutely do not want. Do you really want to trust your romantic well-being to someone who you know nothing about, and who has not been vetted, checked, or screened in any way? There is a far better option, and that is going with an established escort agency that provides you only with girls who have been checked out, vetted, screened, and put through a rigorous training regimen that schools them on the finer points of client discretion and privacy. Simply put, we check out our girls so you don’t have to. We make sure their backgrounds are clean, we make sure they’re healthy and safe, we make sure they have the right outlook and temperament for the job. Our girls are all friendly, engaging, and personable, which makes them ideally suited to take you out and show you a great time. And if they can’t protect your privacy, they aren’t suitable to stay with us. We ask all our of our young ladies to maintain your confidentiality at all times, and we hold them to that standard. Every single one of our young ladies knows how to conduct herself in a variety of settings... no matter what you ask.

Your Schedule Becomes Yours Again with Our Escorts

The great thing about going out with our beautiful young women is that you can finally engage in your romantic life on your time. Your schedule becomes yours again when you start booking Chicago escorts instead of dealing with the old-fashioned, time-wasting way of meeting and taking women out on dates. Let’s review some of the ways the old-fashioned dating model is hopelessly outdated. First, there’s all the time you spend in clubs and bars, trying to meet women. These are hours during which you can’t doing anything else, and you can’t be productive in anyway. After all, do you want to be the kind of guy who shows up at a bar or club with a laptop or a tablet and tries to actually get some work done? Obviously, that’s not going to happen. So all those hours that your hanging around spending your money and buying drinks for women, trying to chat them up and get a phone number (or even go so far as to pick them up, if you’re feeling particularly bold or brave), are hours you not only can’t use for anything productive... but you can never get them back, either.

The amount of time you’ll waste in the inevitable build-up to actually getting something going with a woman is unavoidable if you use this tired old way of doing things, too. The problem is that you spend so much time trying to get to that point that even if things go well after you’ve made a connection with a woman, you’ll have lost countless hours in the meantime. The small talk you have to make, either in Internet dating site messages, text messages, social media messaging, or however else you communicate with potential dates can dragon positively forever. It isn’t fun and you’re always wondering if the woman you have “on the hook” is going to wander off because she got bored, got a better offer, or just had a short attention span. You’re never going to find romantic success that way, and you’re going to spend so much time fighting just to make a connection in the first place. But once you get past all those roadblocks, once you’ve actually managed to establish the very beginning of a relationship with someone, then you’re going to have different problems on your hands. Specifically, you are expected to conform to her schedule and to make yourself available whenever she wants you... no matter whether it is convenient for you or not.

When a woman knows she’s got you in the early stages of a relationship, you’re going to find some things change. Suddenly, you’ve got no free time that is not devoted to her. She expects you want to spend all your free time with her, and when things are new, you might just want to. Most men, however, will quickly start to feel smothered when dealing with this type of situation. That won’t matter either, because in this type of traditional dating setting, your feelings don’t matter. Your needs are not considered. Only what the woman wants is taken into consideration, and you’ll end up having to foot the bill for everything to boot. You’ll start to fall behind on your work in no time. You’ll watch any free time you did have quickly evaporate. Everything in your life will soon be revolving around her, her wants, her needs, and her whims. Is that really how you want to live your life, with your schedule dictated by the woman in your life? Do you really want to have your weekends, evenings, and free time decided for you?

When you book the time of our Chicago escorts, by contrast, you are finally the one in charge. Your beautiful, professional escort will arrive promptly at the location to which you both agree. She will show up promptly, and when your booking is over, she will leave. She will impose no demands on you in the meantime. She will attach no strings and make no demands. And she absolutely will not introduce into your time together any sort of drama, baggage, or other unwelcome hindrances. This is extremely important, because it means that finally, you will be in control of when and how you accept female companionship in your life. Yes, all straight men want to be with beautiful women. All men derive pleasure from being in the company of lovely young women, and the more they can give you their attention, their focus, and their time, the happier you will be. But now you can get that attention and focus when you want it. You don’t have to worry that she’ll get mad at you for not spending enough time with her before or after the date, either. When you book one of our Chicago escorts, the booking is the only time you’re expected to spend with her. When the booking is over, she will simply leave, but the best part is yet to come.

The best part, of course, is that when you want to see her again, all you have to do is book her again. This removes all of the stress, pressure, and anxiety from the date. You don’t have to be asking yourself the whole time if you measure up, if she’ll see you again, if you can persuade her you’re worth spending time with... none of that. You only have to enjoy yourself, and when you want to arrange to see her again, you can just ask for this by contacting us to book the same escort. A whole new world of convenience and efficiency opens up when you start booking Chicago escorts.

Our Escorts Save You Money in the Long Run

Are you hesitating because you’re not sure if hiring a Chicago escort is right for you? Are you worried that perhaps it’s something that is priced a little out of your league? If that’s the case, let us reassure you. Every man can afford one of our lovely Chicago escorts... when he compares what it costs to what he’s spending on the old-fashioned dating process. You may be thinking of hiring a Chicago escort as paying for a woman’s company, and perhaps part of you is rebelling at the thought of “paying for it.” But isn’t that precisely what you are doing when you go out with non-professional or “amateur” women? You’re paying for their presence as surely as you would pay for an escort, but the difference is, you’re not getting your money’s worth. You’re getting ripped off, in fact, because you are paying all sorts of hidden costs that don’t relate back to you actually getting what you’re looking for. Let’s run those down for a little while.

We’ve already discussed just how much money you’ll waste hanging around bars and night clubs trying to attract the attention of women. Whether it’s cover charges, the money you spend buying drinks when you try to chat these girls up, or the opportunity cost of the hours you spend in these venues (hours that could be spent doing almost anything else, including accomplishing productive work for your life), this money is all basically just flushed down the toilet. Most of us don’t think about this at the time because the money is spent gradually, and we’re too focused on the goal of trying to get a woman’s attention and then hold it long enough to try and get her phone number. But even beyond all that, when you are dating a non-professional girl, the competition you facer for her attention is enormous. Women are like children. They are easily distracted, they are easily frightened, and they are controlled by their moods. If you are out with a woman and anything goes wrong, or if anything happens to upset her, or if she hears you utter an opinion she finds unpleasant, her nature will win out and she will abandon you.

She will walk, and you will never be able to secure a follow-up date with her, much less make any sort of connection with her that might eventually end in romance. That’s all wasted time and money. The money comes in the form of everything you do while you’re romancing a girl: There’s the cost of your time, which you are devoting exclusively to her; there is the cost of all the dinners, flowers, jewelry, cards, and gifts you buy her to lavish attention on her, there’s the cost of any other entertainment you buy, such as movies, theater, and even larger events and trips, not to mention tourist venues... the list goes on and on. All of this adds up over the length of the process wherein you are “wooing” a woman. But what is your end goal with all that romancing? It is to get an attractive woman to spend time with you and focus on you, hopefully leading to something intimate. All the money you blow trying to get to that point constitutes hidden costs, and that’s what’s wrong with that whole system from start to finish.

When viewed in that light, booking a beautiful Chicago escort suddenly starts to look like an attractive option, and not just because you get access to an incredibly sexy lady who is probably hotter than most “real” women you’ve dated. Her presence is a reward in and of itself, and she is worth what you pay to book her time... but the fact is, you’ll actually pay less in the long run by booking our girls. That’s because when you book a Chicago escort, you’re actually paying for a guaranteed good time. Our lovely young ladies will make sure you enjoy your date. They’ll show up on time, they’ll leave promptly when the booking is over, and they’ll conduct themselves in a professional and friendly manner the entire time you are together. They’ll make you look good if your goal is to be seen, and they’ll absolutely protect your privacy and confidentiality in all matters. If all you want is to spend some quiet time getting to know your new young lady friend, that’s okay too, and our girls are more than equipped to handle that. But most of all, your costs -- what you pay to go out on this date with this incredibly sexy lady -- are a known quantity. We tell you up front what you’ll be expected to book your Chicago escort for the duration you’ve said you want. Anything else you spend in taking her out on the town, such as to a club for drinks or to a restaurant for dinner, is entirely up to you. She is not placing expectations on you and she is not judging you if you do not “spend enough” on her... the way a normal, “amateur,” non-professional woman might.

The Chicago escort experience represents freedom from hidden costs. Never again are you expected to lay out money and get nothing for it. Never again are you expected to put in lots of hours of time and effort only to be stood up or even abandoned later on. Unlike with traditional dating, there are no risks associated with going out with our lovey Chicago escorts. That’s why we vet and screen them beforehand. That’s why we hand-pick our staff to make sure our friendly, sexy, outgoing girls are just what you are looking for and always able to satisfy and please you. Step out of the traditional model of dating and into a much-more cost-effective one. When you know what you are getting and you are paying for only your booking, you’ll suddenly be SAVING money by hiring our escorts.